Debuting in 2022, HHAUSA’s film projects were launched to help raise awareness for PTSD and the 22 veterans a day that take their lives. The Veterans and First Responders in these stories overcame their struggles and are finding peace and purpose through the sport of archery. HHAUSA is coming alongside those in need, offering hope, healing, and connection in the outdoors. Join us.

The Dust-Off Project

A horrific, lifechanging incident in Iraq would propel Tyson Trunkhill down a path of darkness, isolation, and alcoholism. Volunteering for a service dog organization would lead to his PTSD diagnosis and start the slow path to recovery. Closing in on five years of sobriety and with the help of his own dog, his family and the sport of archery, the Iowa National Guard Veteran started The Dust-Off Project, introducing others to the sport that he credits for changing his.

This Is Honor Flight

Not familiar with the Honor Flight Network? You owe it to yourself and the men and women who have served our country to see this film. Follow HHAUSA Founder Chris Hamm as he travels to Washington DC on the Old Glory Honor Flight alongside 100 Vietnam Veterans to visit the war memorials. This emotional journey is just one of the countless missions in the Honor Flight’s history, having now sent over 250,000 WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans on this trip of a lifetime.

Blue 22

Hear Chad Stillman’s emotional story and how a shooting in the line of duty would impact the rest of his life. Suffering from PTSD, Stillman credits a passion for the outdoors, family, and most importantly his faith as the reason for why he’s here today. Living out his mantra to “make it count,” Chad is using his incident and how he has navigated life since then to positively impact the lives of others affected by similar traumas.

A Soldier’s Ultimatum

Injured in Iraq in 2007, David Wootten was recovering stateside when seven of his closest friends and brothers died in a tragic accident. Suffering from survivor’s guilt and PTSD, Wootten’s life spiraled out of control, consumed by a dangerous mix of pills and alcohol, bringing him to the verge of suicide. An ultimatum from his wife, an introduction to archery and a new life found in Jesus Christ saved David’s life. Not without challenges but a changed man today, Wootten’s path to recovery is an inspiring one and proof that no one is too lost to be found.